UAE Dirham Rate in Pakistan Today AED to PKR

Today Dirham rate in Pakistan is 73.50 for buying and 74.20 for selling. AED to PKR today is available here along with other currencies’ rates. Today UAE Dirham rate in Pakistan’s open market is 75.00 and the exchange rate is 73.50

Dirham is the currency of the United Arab Emirates and is written as AED( Arab Emirates Dirham), while Rupee is the currency of Pakistan written as PKR ( Pakistani Rupees). Dirham to Rupees AED to PKR is famous as millions of Pakistanis are working in the Emirates.

UAE Dirham Rate in Pakistan Today ( 1 AED ) = 73.50 PKR

Approximately 1.29 million Pakistani ex-pats are working in UAE. Pakistanis move to the UAE due to various employment opportunities in different sectors like Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Construction, and Information Technology.

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The Pakistani community in the UAE is considered one of the largest expatriate communities in the country. Indians are occupying the first position with 2.80 million workers. Other than India and Pakistan, Philipines, Siri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt, and Iran communities also working in the Emirates.

UAE Dirham Rate in Pakistan Today AED to PKR Live Updates

UAE DirhamPakistani Rupees

Dirham to PKR Rate Historical Chart & Data

Dirham to PKR Historical Chart and Data

The rate of Dirham on Sunday 1 January 2023 was 61.68. The Dirham rate on 1st January 2022 was 48.53.

Conversion Table for Dubai Dirham rate to PKR Rupees ( AED To PKR)

UAE DirhamTo Pakistani Rupees PKR
1 AED73.50 PKR
2 AED147.00PKR
5 AED367.50 PKR
10 AED735.00 PKR
15 AED1102.50 PKR
20 AED1470.00 PKR
25 AED1837.50 PKR
50 AED3675.00 PKR
100 AED7350.00 PKR
500 AED36750.00 PKR
1000 AED73500.00 PKR
2500 AED183750.00 PKR
5000 AED367500.00 PKR
10,000 AED735000.00 PKR

Factors Affecting the Dirham Rate AED to PKR in Pakistan

The following factors affect the Dirham to PKR Rate in Pakistan

  • Political & Economic Stability
  • Foreign Direct Investment FDI
  • Balance of Trade BOT
  • Economic Indicators

Political & Economic Stability: Political and economic stability plays a vital role in exchange rate determination. Any political instability or economic situation in both or any country can fluctuate the dirham to PKR rate. Investors always closely monitor these situations to make any decision.

Foreign Direct Investment FDI: Direct investment from UAE investors into Pakistani businesses affect the rate of the dirham-to-Pakistani rupee. When UAE investors inject their capital into Pakistan, it increases the demand for the Dirham which leads to the appreciation of the AED against the Pakistani currency PKR.

Balance of Trade BOT: The balance of trade between Pakistan and UAE which means imports and exports affect the exchange rate. If Pakistan exports more goods than imports, then it increases the demand for PKR and strengthens the PKR against AED. Similarly, if exports are less than imports then the Pakistani rupee value decrease against Dirham.

Economic Indicators: GDP growth, Fiscal Policies, Inflation rate, and Interest rate are economic indicators of both countries. Changes in these indicators in any country can affect the value of the Dirham against the Pakistani rupee.

Impact & Implications of UAE Dirham Rate in Pakistan

UAE / Dubai Dirham rate effect in Pakistan in different ways. The key affect points are described below

Travel & Tourism: UAE is a famous country for its tourism. Like other countries, a number of Pakistanis visit the UAE along with their families. A stronger Dirham makes travel expenses cheaper for Pakistanis while a weaker Dirham makes the expenses more expensive.

Remittances: Overseas UAE Pakistanis transfer huge amounts of remittances. Dirham rate directly affects the remittances inflow. A stronger Dirham rate can result in high remittance inflows, while a weaker Dirham rate can give a vice versa result.

Investment Opportunities: A favorable Dirham rate attracts UAE investors to bring their capital into the Pakistani market. Direct investment increases the FDI. While an unfavorable Dirham rate discourages investors and can result in a slowdown of economic activities between both countries.

Imports & Exports: The Emirates dirham rate has a direct impact on the cost of imports and exports between Pakistan and the UAE. A weak dirham benefits Pakistani exporters but makes imports from the UAE expensive. Conversely, a strong dirham benefits Pakistani importers but is expensive for Pakistani exporters.

UAE Dirham Rate in Pakistan Today AED to PKR

UAE Population 2023 Nationality Wise

UAE Total Population = 10.81 Million

India’s Population in UAE = is 2.80 Million

Pakistan Population in UAE = 1.29 Million

Bangladesh Population in UAE = 0.75 Million

Philippines Population in UAE = 0.57 Million

Nepal Population in UAE = 0.32 Million


Today Dubai Dirham rate is 73.50. 1 AED is equal to 73.50 PKR

Today Dirham rate in Pakistan is 73.50 PKR

Today Dirham rate in Pakistan’s open market is 75.00 PKR.

As of today dirham rate is 73.50 PKR. Hence the rate of 1000 dirham in Pakistan is 73500 PKR

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