New Prices of LPG Gas From 1st February 2023

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority OGRA increased the LPG prices with effect from 1 February 2023.

According to the OGRA Notification the new price of LPG will be Rs. 263.95/- KG. The old price of LPG was Rs. 204.35 Per KG.

LPG New Price is 263.95/- KG

Old Price of LPG Per KG204.35 Rs.
New Price of LPG Per KG263.95 Rs

LPG is the short form of liquified petroleum gas , it is flammable hydrocarbon gas and used in cooking equipment’s, vehicles and heating appliances. It is store as a liquid in container. In Pakistan LPG is used in homes for Kitchen , in vehicles and other purposes also. As it is store as liquid it is easy to transport the LPG.

In homes while using LPG cylinders proper safety measures should be taken , keep it in open area , ventilation should be there. LPG is the mixture of two by products which are butane and propane.

Here is the Official Notification from OGRA

New Prices of LPG Gas From 1st February 2023

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