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Cement is an essential part of construction. For long time builders and contractors are using cement for the construction of buildings, bridges, etc. When you think to build your house, the first thing that comes to your mind is the cost of materials. In construction materials Cement, Sand, Bajri, and Syria ( Steel iron rod) are core elements. On this page, you will get the latest Fauji cement rates, Lucky cement rates, Maple Leaf cement rates, DG cement rates, Bestway cement rates, Kohat cement rates, Charat cement rates, and Askari cement rates, etc.

After Budget 2023-24 Cement Price increases by all major companies. Check here the latest cement rates as of today

Cement Rates Today as of 26th July 2023

Company NamePrice Per Bag ( 50 KG)Updated On
Lucky CementRs 1090- 111026th July 2023
DG CementRs 1105- 113026th July 2023
Maple LeafRs 1120- 113026th July 2023
Fauji CementRs 1100- 111026th July 2023
Bestway CementRs 1105- 111026th July 2023
Kohat CementRs 1095- 110026th July 2023
Attock CementRs 1095- 110026th July 2023
Cherat CementRs 1145- 115526th July 2023
Power CementRs 1120- 113026th July 2023
Askari CementRs 1095- 110026th July 2023
Pioneer CementRs 1095- 110026th July 2023
PakCem CementRs 1100-110526th July 2023
Flying CementRs 1070- 108026th July 2023

Why Cement Rates Fluctuate in Pakistan

In recent times, it is difficult to build a house as the prices of the materials are touching the sky. Rates are changing rapidly due to the unstable economic situation of the country and the increase in the dollar rate.

Raw material prices that are used in cement manufacturing change on a daily basis due to exchange rates. This also causes cement price fluctuations.

It is tough for contractors and builders to analyze and predict the exact cement price in the country. On a daily basis, cement rates are changing.

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There are many companies in Pakistan which are producing cement. Each company has a different rate depending upon the quality and manufacturing process.

If we talk about the unit of measurement( UOM), each bag of cement is weighing 50kg. The rate is determined per bag. Each company has a different price for each bag. On this page, we will provide the latest cement rate as of today of all major cement companies.

Factors Affecting the Cement Price in Pakistan

The price of cement depends upon various factors. One of the main factors that influence the price most is the cost of production. The production cost includes the cost of raw materials, labor, and transportation. The raw material which is used in the preparation of the cement is limestone, clay, and gypsum.

Labor and transportation also affect the cement price. In the current era, as the dollar is going high rapidly, it affects the import of raw materials. If the petrol price increases, it affects the transportation factor, similarly increase in inflation led the laborers to demand their wages to increase. These all factors combinedly affect the cement price.

Another factor is demand and supply. More demand for cement leads to an increase in price. Less demand can decrease the cement price. In Pakistan, the constructions of new housing societies, houses, commercial buildings, and other infrastructure projects make a trend in the increase of the price.

Government policies and the imposition of taxes on the cement industry increased the cost of production. When the cost of production increases, ultimately it increases the final price of the cement.

Best Cement Companies in Pakistan

Although there are several cement companies operating in Pakistan, there are few famous brands in the cement industry. people trust the quality and performance of the cement produced by these companies. When you are going to build a house or commercial building, keep in mind these famous companies.

  • Bestway Cement
  • Fauji Cement
  • Lucky Cement
  • DG Cement
  • Maple Leaf Cement
  • Askari Cement
  • Charat Cement
  • Pak Cem Cement
  • FECTO Cement
  • Attock Cement

Note: The above rates are taken from Local Cement Agencies and offices. You can check the latest rates in your city /area. The rates can fluctuate slightly.

Types of Cement

There are different types of cement. A brief introduction to cement types is given in below. Read carefully about the types of cement.

  • Ordinary Portland cement
  • Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement ( PBFSC)
  • Portland Pozzolana Cement ( PPC)
  • Sulphate Resistant Cement ( SRC)
  • Low Heat Cement ( LHC)
  • White Cement

Which Cement is Best for Construction?

Choosing cement for construction depends upon a few factors which are, environmental conditions, local regulations, the nature of the project, quality, and price.

The most commonly used cement for construction is Ordinary Portland Cement ( OPC). OPC is versatile, durable, and provides good strength. It is used in residential and commercial constructions.

Other than OPC, Portland Pozzolana Cement, Portland Blast Furnace Slag Cement ( PBFSC), Sulphate Resistant Cement ( SRC), and Low Heat Cement ( LHC).

White cement is used for decorative purposes such as precast concrete products, tile grouts, and architectural applications.

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Grades of Cement

The grade of cement represents the composition and strength of the cement. The grades of cement are typically classified into three categories which are 33 grade, 43 grade, and 53 grade.

33 Grade Cement: 33-grade cement is considered as low -strength and commonly used for constructions where high strength is not required. This grade of cement contains compressive strength of 33 megapascals (MPa) or approximately 330 kilograms per square centimeter (kg/cm²) after 28 days.

43 Grade Cement: 43-grade cement is medium-strength cement, widely used in residential and commercial constructions. This grade contains compressive strength of 43 MPa or approximately 430 kg/cm² after 28 days.

53 Grade Cement: This grade is high-strength cement. It is used in the construction of bridges, dams, and heavy-duty structures. It has a compressive strength of 53 MPa or approximately 530 kg/cm² after 28 days.

While selecting the grade of cement, it is important to understand the nature of construction. It is highly recommended to consult with structural engineers and builders before choosing cement grade.


Today Cement Price in Pakistan is between 1135-1160 PKR

White cement is long-lasting because of its structure. White cement contains a high level of durability. Most people like to use white cement. But white cement is commonly used for decorative purposes.

Top best cement companies in Pakistan are Maple Leaf , Fauji Cement , Lucky Cement , Askari Cement , Kohat Cement , Charat Cement and DG Cement. There are many other companies exist, but these mention companies cement is best to use in construction.

The ordinary cement is available in three grades which are named as 33,43,53. The grade 33 cement is suitable for plastering and finishing works. While the 43 and 53 grade cement is used in reinforced concrete structrures.