How much is 1 tola gold grams in Pakistan

What is Tola and Gram?

Tola is a unit for measuring weight of a metal, typically it is used in South Asia as well as in some other regions also. Usually Tola is used for Gold and Silver. 1 tola gold is equal to 11.66 grams approximately. The weight of one tola is equal to 180 troy grains.

Countries like Pakistan , India and Bangla Daish used the term Tola for Gold and silver metals. Tola is a Hindi word. Jewellers measure Tola and Grams while bargaining Gold in the Sarafa markets of the Asian Countries.

The gram, on the other hand, is a unit of weight widely used worldwide and is an integral part of the metric system. It is derived from the kilogram, which is the base unit of mass in the International System of Units (SI). The gram is a smaller unit, with one kilogram containing 1,000 grams.

How many 1 tola gold in Grams?

There are 11.7 grams of gold  in 1 Tola.

How many Grams in 1 Tola

 Approximately 11.6638 grams in 1 Tola of Gold. Gold is categories in four categories.

  • 24K Gold
  • 22K Gold
  • 18K Gold
  • 14K Gold

Tola to Gram Conversion Formula: Tolas = Grams ÷ 11.6638038

For example, if you have 100 grams of gold, the conversion to tolas would be as follows: Tolas = 100 ÷ 11.6638038 Tolas ≈ 8.57

However, in the trading purposes of precious metals, one Tola gold is often rounded to 12 grams for easiness of calculations and measurements.

K stands for Karat. More Karat mean more purity of the Gold. The purest Gold is categorizes as 24K. For Jewellery and ornament , 22K is used. For less purity 18K and 14K also used to prepare ornament with the mixture of other metals. But People preferred 22K Jewellery as it is considered as Purely Gold Ornaments.

How many Grams in 1 Tola

Why Term Tola is Used in South Asia Countries

During the British rule in sub-continent ( now Pakistan , India and Bangla Daish) , tola was used as a Unit of Measurement (UOM) for the mass of grains. Tola is a hindi word , and sometime is spelt as tole or tolah. Before tola was used for the mass of seeds and other grains. During the British rule it started to use tola for Gold also.

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Standard and Trading Conversions of 1 Told Gold in Grams

UnitEquivalent in Grams (Standard)Equivalent in Grams (Trading)
1 Tola11.6638038 grams12 grams
2 Tolas23.3276076 grams24 grams
3 Tolas34.9914114 grams36 grams
4 Tolas46.6552152 grams48 grams
5 Tolas58.319019 grams60 grams
10 Tolas116.638038 grams120 grams
20 Tolas233.276076 grams240 grams

Gold tola to grams table

Conversion Table for 1 tola Gold in Grams to Tola

Gold Measurement in (Grams)Gold Equivalent in Tolas
1 gram0.0857353 Tolas
5 grams0.4286765 Tolas
10 grams0.8573529 Tolas
20 grams1.7147059 Tolas
50 grams4.2867647 Tolas
100 grams8.5735294 Tolas
500 grams42.8676471 Tolas
1000 grams (1 kg)85.7352941 Tolas

Understanding the conversion between grams and tolas is particularly useful when dealing with gold, especially in regions where the tola is commonly used.

By knowing that one tola is equivalent to approximately 11.6638038 grams, you can easily convert between the two units.

Whether you’re buying or selling gold or simply interested in understanding the weight of gold in different units, this knowledge will empower you to make accurate conversions and comparisons.


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